The logo is simple, yet eloquent. It embodies the tradition, philosophy and vision of the university.

The design of the logo is based on the shape of a shield, which traditionally symbolises strong principles, stability and preservation of knowledge for the good of mankind.

The water droplet symbolises the commitment of the university in preserving the environment. Water is also fundamental in life, as is knowledge in human development.

The thin lines represent electronic circuits, which symbolise the university’s sophisticated approach in the era of information and knowledge. The three lines on the left and right are the symbols of branches, which depict the importance of agriculture. These lines also represent the three main functions of the university, which are teaching, research and services.

In addition, these lines symbolise the setting up of UPM with its three pioneering faculties: Agriculture, Forestry, and Veterinary and Animal Science.

The colour red symbolises the quest for knowledge. It also symbolises the pioneering spirit,, courage and persistence in confronting challenges. The colour grey symbolises information technology, neutrality, versatility and consistency.

The combination of these colours represents harmony, stability, happiness, maturity and dynamics.