UPM believes in the need for its students to be a part of the real world of business and community. Empowering the campus community by creating opportunities for it to connect with the business circle and society in general is seen as crucial to providing an entrepreneurial perspective to the University’s core areas which are education and research.

Industry Linkages


The chain of collaboration between universities and industry will accelerate the transformation of knowledge and innovative ideas into commercialisation efforts. Industry will benefit from the results of research and consultation in the form of commercialisation of research products, innovations and the expertise of UPM people. The Centre of Industry Relations and Networks (CiRNeT) UPM is the one-stop centre between industries and researchers at UPM.

Community Engagement


UPM has always maintained its responsibility towards the community and the larger society and safeguarded its strategic relationships for mutual benefit. It continuously offers meaningful contributions towards sustainable development, the development of the people and the wealth of the nation. UPM is also actively involved in activities at the international level. University Community Transformation Centre (UCTC) UPM was established as the university’s referral centre in bridging the university to the community. 

Business and Collaboration


UPM is able to expand its businesses rapidly, especially in areas related to services as well as research and development (R&D). It is confident that the existing markets are able to provide better returns for investments; hence, it welcomes cooperation and business collaborations.

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